Lysithea is a global leader in data management as well as publishing services. A wide range of design, prepress, development and electronic services are offered to the publishing community. We have diverse and experienced staff that is spread over two continents. Our company specializes in textbook production and utilizes XML-first coding structure for efficiently providing the product as and when desired.

A versatile and expansive combination of services is featured by the company. We have a vast library of talented pool of editors, thousands of hours of cumulative experience among artists, development staff  and pagers, latest in computer software and a talented pool of editors. Lysithea is equipped for handling a variety of projects. Flexibility is another strength of Lysithea. Whether the project consists of complete prepress production of a 10-book, 4-color medical series or a copy edit, the company will put the right team together for handling the task effectively and accurately. The Lysithea staff believes in keeping the customers very informed and satisfied. An individual is assigned to manage each project by overseeing the internal production processes. They serve as a resource to external customers. All the questions regarding the changes in schedule are answered.  We also answer all questions based on project concerns, schedule changes and additional services. We maintain a one-contact approach. The representatives of the company can become very familiar with a particular project. therefore, more personalized service can be provided.  Before making a decision regarding the publishing services, you should consider the services offered by Lysithea.

Cpa Network

The Zeus CPA Network of Lysithea Technologies is world-class. It is a blend of service, industry expertise and technology.

IT services

No matter how talented or large the IT staff is, there are various projects where the staff may not have the required resources,


Lysithea Technologies is a company which provides IT and ITES services. Value added and cost effective

lysithe education and training

Lysithea Technologies takes pride in providing industrial training program for fresh B.Tech, MSC-IT, MCA, BE