About Us

Lysithea Technologies is a website design and development brand that has been spreading wings globally along with partnering with groups that has been changing the face of web sphere for the past decade. Merging all web development services into one name is what we stand for referring to our experience, confidence and clientele; we can rightfully say to be doing quite a good job of it.

Lysithea Technologies provides website design and development, software application design and development, affiliate and digital media marketing, domain registrations, Bioinformatics, BPO and KPO services, legal outsourcing and all related services. We have witnessed the progress of technology and often say that while in the past the company and its people make the reputation, now it is the presence and technical expertise that does the job. While businesses are getting online, we provide an all round solution to make it the most impressive platform among all its competitors. With more than a fighting chance, our clients thus have all the resources that leverage their business to the topmost reaches.

Gone are the days when people depended on yellow pages. Just having a website too doesn’t end the requisite. To sustain a business online, a website should be made such it give back something unique that visitors are looking form and this could come in the form of an interactive and enhanced platform that suits users. At Lysithea Technologies, we believe in deep study of consumer behavior and hence develop the tools that best attracts them.

While Application Development is changing the way that the world ran on internet, we have the competency and solutions to transform your resources into revenue generating assets. Our mission is more than providing clients with a successful web platform and we aim at seeing those satisfied smile that a successful businessman has. We certainly would be happy to add you to our growing portfolio.

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