Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing services are offered by Lysithea as a web based marketing tool. The websites are enabled to generate sales and leads through the promoters. Merchant is the one who wishes to sell his services and products through the websites. Affiliates are the ones who are promoting the websites and products of the merchants. Merchants are brought in touch with the affiliates. The merchants are brought in touch with such affiliates.

Affiliate internet marketing is based on the cost per lead or cost per sale. It will simply indicate that commission is paid by the merchant to the affiliate only when a sale is made through the affiliate. This is one of the most successful technique of online marketing. Payment is assured on the delivery of results.

We at Lysithea international consult and assist you to plan the online affiliate marketing needs very carefully by identifying the affiliates who are very beneficial in the promotion of website and getting the services and products listed on their websites. A commission rate is determined by us. This is very competitive but is preferably very higher than the similar products online. That commission is taken by us and is offered to other affiliate marketers. If a high commission is offered, the incentive for affiliate marketers is increased for promoting the product on their websites. After all, the occurrence of sales is found via affiliate marketing efforts. These are sales that the customer would have not received before. Offering this makes a great sense. The affiliate marketing services at Lysithea are very efficient.

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The Zeus CPA Network of Lysithea Technologies is world-class. It is a blend of service, industry expertise and technology.

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