Bioinformatics Services

Bioinformatics services may be useful at various stages of the research projects. This ranges from design to customized microarrays. It also includes microRNA expression data and data analysis for genes. Through our Bioinformatics services, we provide data and comprehensive documentation services in a publishable format. Next to standard services, we perform custom services as well. The structure of our services is modular and is well suited for interpretation and analysis of the gene expression data.

The most crucial step is mandatory data pre-processing. This is specific for various platforms e.g. affymetrix, illumina and agilent. Then we have two options for identification of genes as well. This is done with interesting expression behavior either clustering or discriminatory genes analysis. A quick review of pathways and molecular processes involved are provided by Functional Grouping Analysis. This can be changed with the changes in gene expression. A more detailed interpretation of the gene functions is provided by Pathway Analysis with changed expression. Standard programs such as GeneSpring, Rosetta Resolver, Bio conductor, self scripted software and freeware are used by us. The clients can be helped in the following areas:

  • Building and customizing databases.
  • Customized modules for bioinformatics software.
  • Development of sophisticated algorithms.
  • Conducting bioinformatics analyses.

We have a team of experts within molecular biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics, biochemistry, database design and computer science for getting the research objectives faster. If you are a research institute, biotechnology company or pharmaceutical company, you can surely get in touch with us for getting excellent results.

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