Being Partners with the best email service provider

If you are searching for some help regarding marketing campaigns via optimized email campaigns, you probably are at the perfect place. An email platform is often considered the base of modern marketing strategies. Cheap and effective, there is much more to it than just creating and sending an organized text and graphical content. Studies indicate that one of the first of things that people do when they connect to an internet is scan their mail and an average user does it for more than a couple of times in a day. Think of the potential we are talking about. The possible customers you can reach through emails can give you visibility like nothing else.  Cheap and credible, an email sending service could be of great help if you are starting out on a campaign or need a new one.

However, it is important that you choose the right kind of service provider. There are several consideration to be made including the software model you want to use for the service, weather you want a hosted, an in-house or a managed service, etc. you can choose to deal with email centers to take charge of the full marketing requisites that will include developing and sending the campaigns, obviously in consultation with your experts. This is a contract where you will be using both the bandwidth and the interface of the service provider and other than that creativity demands a price.

With Lysithea Technologies, one can sit back and relax while we do the job in our way. It goes without saying that you will get a good ROI on your investment. With over a decade of experience and equipped with skilled professionals, we are one of the best email marketing providers in World and make sure to do our best to stick to the reputation.

Key benefit

  • The staff can get back to their business. All the outgoing mail is managed by our mail handling experts. The staff can concentrate nicely on the core business.
  • You need to pay only for what is used. Mail processing can be moved from fixed cost to variable based one. it can be based on actual mail volumes as well.
  • The spending can be tracked. You can get a clear picture of postal spending along with customized reports. This will allow to charge the mailing costs to cost center level.
  • You can save on capital expenditure. Lysithea email center has the latest mail processing