BPO Services

Lysithea Technologies is a company which provides IT and ITES services. Value added and cost effective Call Centre and BPO solutions are provided to our clients. We leverage on our expertise and experience for offering unmatched call center and BPO services. The solutions that we provide are customized for increasing quality and productivity and reducing cost. At Lysithea Technologies BPO services, a combination of skills, technology and expertise is used for delivering world class solutions. Our company is certified and quality systems are followed by us in all aspects of operation.  Some of our key services include outbound call center solutions, inbound call center solutions, technical support, telemarketing, email/chat support, BPO processes, lead generation, Web related services and KPO processes. For remaining a winner amongst the competitors, offering the best of services is very imperative. Our philosophy is the best and we strongly believe in it. We have a completely different approach towards offering value additions to the clients. This helps in strengthening the relationship and growing steadily. Our prospects are identified, obstacles are overcome and realistic goals are defined for achieving success.  Some of our BPO service offerings are:

  • Payment processing
  • Account origination or on-boarding
  • Receivables management
  • Digitization and scanning
  • Verification
  • Back-office operations
  • Employee leasing
  • R&T
  • Mailroom
  • Records management
  • Printing management

The operation of our BPO services is on a hub-and-spoke connectivity model as well as span of various business functions and industries. Some main areas are:

  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Banking and financial services
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications

Fresh Work


Online affiliate marketing services are offered by Lysithea as a web based marketing tool.

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Cpa Network

The Zeus CPA Network of Lysithea Technologies is world-class. It is a blend of service, industry expertise and technology.

IT services

No matter how talented or large the IT staff is, there are various projects where the staff may not have the required resources,


Lysithea Technologies is a company which provides IT and ITES services. Value added and cost effective

lysithe education and training

Lysithea Technologies takes pride in providing industrial training program for fresh B.Tech, MSC-IT, MCA, BE