Finding new arenas through Lysithea Technologies KPO/BPO service

Business and Knowledge process outsourcing are the rising needs of the day for every business. For all products and services across industries, the responsibility of a service provider does not end with the delivery of the product but last till the product/service is being used. This had been introduced to embellish a competitive advantage by certain companies but now it is being incorporated by all. Howsoever, the question is how to provide the end users with a completely satisfying package.

We at Lysithea Technologies regard our BPO and KPO services with price and this comes with the long list of clientele who have long partnered with us. Providing complete packages for both onsite and offsite requirements, we are one of the leaders in IT outsourcing. We understand that the needs of each and every client is specific and requires independent attention and thus have created professionals who are expert in handling clients, customers and end users worldwide.

With the type of IT foundation that we have, we promise to deliver unique and high quality service like no other. Using the bets of software to digitize processes out Knowledge Process Outsourcing helps reduce manual labor by bringing in efficiency, accuracy and safety. Since Lysithea Technologies come with all the necessary tools to managing businesses and clients, you can effectively shed or at least reduce your burden of handling multiple vendors.
Our KPO service includes:

  • Content writing and development services
  • Data research and analysis
  • Web-based marketing
  • Database development

Our BPO service includes:

  • Recruitment processes
  • Data entry support
  • Email support
  • Virtual assistance
  • Chat support

The major benefits of knowledge and Business Process Outsourcing from Lysithea Technologies include:

    • Operational efficiency
    • Cost reduction
    • Specific domain expertise
    • Increased ROI
    • Effective time management