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Bridging QA and growth with Web Application Development

In the past, QA has not been so much important in web application platforms. However times have changes and it is one of the things that a corporate cannot choose to fall short of. Web applications serve as an effective tool for all successful companies to partner positively with customers, employees and the rest of the world. Filling out a response form, commenting on a post or ordering an item – all requires a dynamic environment that enables the user to interact with the service provider via the website. This is what web applications development is all about.
While accuracy is a quality that can make or break a business, webmasters need to be more careful now. QA professionals today understand the rising necessity of the challenges that the admins face and the whole process is better performed if functional load testing methods were employed. While the collaboration between QA and web development takes place, one gets a highly conducive environment for online business.
While it is certainly important that websites make an impression on the first look, it is also mandatory that they provide easy and fast service as and when required. One cannot afford to have a slow display of products as users today are more easily perturbed by delays. Moreover some may be searching the same store from a desktop and another user from a mobile. The compatibility requisites are different and so are the finer threads of development. There are several other options waiting for them. Applications Development Company will provide real world testing and ensure that your web store is perfectly suited to the qualities that target customers are looking for. This balance between looks and functionality is provided by experienced web designers and developers.

E-commerce Application Development

  1. Track record of supporting and developing mission-critical and highly scalable applications
  2. End-to-end services such as design, development, testing, deployment, support and hosting..
  3. Designing various service oriented architecture

Application integration

  1. We have a proven track record of integration of various web applications with multiple legacy systems.
  2. Multiple approaches for integrating applications

Rich internet application enablement

  1. We have an established CoE for building capabilities.
  2. We have an expertise in multiple technology platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight Curl, Ajax and Adobe Flex.

We have a team of experts within molecular biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, statistics, biochemistry, database design and computer science for getting the research objectives faster.  If you are a research institute, biotechnology company or pharmaceutical company, you can surely get in touch with us for getting excellent results.